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You run a Label?

You run Your own Label and want it to appear on
All You have to do is:

  1. 1. Create an User account,
  2. 2. then choose 'Create Label',
  3. 3. and finally add Your releases

And why should You do so? Read here!

what is is a platform and distribution channel for netlabels. its aim is to promote free music and help artists and netlabels make their work easily available for a wider audience. is not only about providing music, but also about giving background information and sensitizing people for issues like copyleft/right, drm and netaudio.

the goal is to make finding and downloading free music easier than commercial distributed music, mytunes instead of itunes. the platform is meant to be an extension to the already existing archives, catalogues and magazines. our aim is to provide a user-friendly tool to find audio material.

the platform was started in summer 2005 as a side-project of an experimental two-week radio session.
a group of zurich based artists decided to broadcast only creative-commons and netlabel during this period of time. we thought that it would be a pitty not to share all the gathered contacts, information and music we decided to build a public platform with this material.
at the moment is quite widely used in the netaudio-scene. the current site delivers approx. 15'000 tracks every day.

why a squirrel?

Wikipedia about the Sonicsquirrel:
"one well-known trait of some species of squirrel is the gathering and storing of free music. these squirrels are scatter-hoarders, i.e. they will gather any kind of sounds and store them in an accessible and open hiding place, usually by uploading them on a web server. recent research shows that they have excellent memories for the locations of these caches. the sonicsquirrel is a social animal and likes to share its gathered treasures with everybody."

so what is the benefit for Your Label?

you can use to provide information about your label on several levels. you can link your page and post a short description on furthermore, you can make all your releases available and include detailed information [covers, description of albums]. files can be made available in .mp3 format for direct download. can be used as a mirror when directly linked from your website [the provided bandwidth is without limitation and off course for free].
if you need some assistance to set up an account use our user guide [t.b.a.]. if there are still some questions unanswered, don't hesistate to contact us.

And finally, Who is running

The Website is developed, maintained and provided by the zurich based media-activist group . is active since 2000 and organizes exhibitions, events parties etc. some other anorg projects are:,,,,, ...

hohlstrasse 612
ch-8048 zurich

fon: +41 43 526 3930